Present Day Challenges

Despite its glorious history, it has been facing numerous challenges in the present days such as the declining rate in primary school level enrollment, ever-rising student dropout rate and a degradation in overall quality in public education.
Potential reasons for all these challenges could be pointed out as following:

  • Private schools alternatively offer better quality education to well-off family children of the society whose parents could afford for high- priced education.

  • The attraction of ever-appealing English medium curriculum and instruction which is severely lacked at the Public School such as Shree Bhawani Vidyapeeth at Phalebas.

  • Private schools apply technology-friendly, interactive mode of education, giving the parents of their school children a perception that private schooling is far better than the Public schooling in terms of overall delivery, performance and quality in education.

Existing School Infrastructures in a nutshell

  • 2 hectares of land for school

  • 3 hectares of land beyond school premises for agroforestry enterprises

  • 4 academic units, 1 computer unit, 1 library building, 1 school office, 1 preprimary section

  • Toilets: Gentlemen-1, Ladies-1

  • Drinking water facility: 5000 liter underground concrete tank

  • Sports: Table- Tennis Concrete Board-1; Volleyball court-1; Basketball court-1; Football ground-1;