Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Education for Excellence (E4E): Quality Education Laboratory (QEdLab) Approach

  1. What is the approach/ Project about?

The project is about the upgradation of quality in Public Education in Public Schools of Nepal. As it is being launched at Bhawani Vidhyapeeth High School at Phalebas in Parbat district, obviously the students and their parents and guardians will benefit from this project.

  1. Why and How?

As per the research findings of UNICEF, UNESCO, and other major educational organizations, Nepal has been facing three drastic problems in the field of Public education, viz, low enrollment rate; high dropout rate; and degrading quality in Public Education. We are striving to mitigate all these problems through QEdLab approach which has been designed to suit the basic features of Nepali Public Schools. It basically caters to the fundamental needs of Public schools in rural and urban areas of Nepal and believes in the utilization and management of locally available physical and human resources implying most cost effective tools and methodology.

  1. When it is going to start?

It will start with the opening of a Montessori based Pre School at the presently run High School premises from this School Year, which will work as a feeder school to the Primary unit of the High School itself. The main goal is how to solve the problem of lowering enrollment at primary classes such as Grade 1, 2 &3. The quality enhancement and upgradation process will be continued Grade by Grade every year from Primary level to High School (Grade XII). The project has been scheduled for three years consecutively. However, the main focus goes to the one- year period on the school- calendar year (Mid- April 2017 to Mid- April, 2018).

  1. Where it is going to be executed?

It will take place at Bhawani Vidhyapeeth High School at Phalebas Municipality in Parbat District of Western Nepal. At present, we are focusing on this High School only but in the future, its findings, results and feedbacks will certainly be implied and implemented in the surrounding schools as well. We have been receiving humble request for adopting the surrounding schools while we are quite busy at the Phalebas Education project.

  1. Who are involved?

Mostly, self- volunteering individuals and organizations have been involved on pro- bono basis. Except the Lead Montessori Coordinator and other staff, nobody is paid. It’s completely a volunteering effort for everybody involved into it. The TAE stands for “Team of Active Edupreneurs which involves experienced individuals in the field of education or other inter-disciplinary areas.

Since it is a project being launched at a Government run High School, we are utilizing all physical resources of the government run school but the government is not directly involved. However, along with this project, the Government wants us to be part of an educational training to be conducted in May, 2017 for achieving the same goal.

  1. How much fund required?

Obviously, the required expertise will be from the sphere of education, itself. However, since we are a pro- bono project, we are accepting anybody who shows some inclination towards education. We have been working hard for finding funding support for the last year. We have not been able to draw attention of the major international donors but we have been receiving small donations and grants from our well- wishers and friends, worldwide on individual basis which is really helping us propel our project ahead. However, we have been constantly corresponding with major Global donors, too.

The tentative budget is around US $ 70,000 (In words US Dollar Seventy Thousand) for the current school year. We have already included all this budget details in our FACTSHEET. In fact, the budget includes various donation packages from A to H, which can be donated on a single or multiple packages basis.