Montessori Teacher/Coordinator Wanted

Job Description of Coordinator



The Montessori Wing of Shree BhawaniVidyapeeth Secondary School (BVSS) is dedicated to the Montessori philosophy and is strongly invested in creating a unique, student- oriented learning environment and helping families nurture respectful, responsible, and resourceful children.

Our Montessori induced environment fosters a love of learning and help our children reach their fullest potential at their own unique pace. We at the Montessori Wing of BVSS strive to educate the whole child and to inspire children to be caring, socially responsible participants both in our community and in the larger world.

Founded this year, the Montessori Wing of BVSS is a non- profit, private education institution for pre-school and elementary children ages 3-10. It has a dedicated staff of 5 persons. The total enrollment combined capacity in the Pre-primary wing is 100 students. Our Montessori and Pre-Primary wing has solid financial health, excellent staff and authentic comprehensive Montessori curriculum.

Desired Qualifications

  • Dedication to the practice of the Montessori educational philosophy and pedagogy
  • Bachelor Degree preferred
  • Montessori Training (1-year Diploma holder)
  • Independent School administration experience
  • Coursework in Early Childhood Education or Child Development
  • Demonstrated leadership quality
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Fund development and Grant writing experiences preferred

Position Summary

The Coordinator is responsible for promoting the Montessori educational philosophy and ideas, while insuring that the school’s vision, mission and goals are effectively implemented. The Coordinator leads the school both internally and externally, and oversees the day-to-day operations, working collaboratively with the Principal, staff, students’ families, alumni and greater community.

Principal Responsibilities


  • Support, provide oversight, monitor and evaluate quality implementation of Montessori pedagogy, curriculum and programs
  • Cultivate effective relationship with all constituents of the school
  • Support and mentor all staff
  • Model and sustain a culture of giving, volunteerism and global awareness at the school
  • Represent the school at community and professional events



  • Execute efficient management of the school, with regard to educational philosophy and fiscal responsibility
  • Prepare, understand and analyze non-profit financial documents along with the Principal and the core team
  • Ensure that the school meets all regulatory requirements and pursues the highest level of quality educational standards
  • Drive enrollment and student retention in all the programs
  • Oversee annual performances for all the staff
  • Effectively assess and mitigate risks that could impact the school
  • Generate, analyze and report data to support continuous process improvement for the school

Fund and Grant Development

  • Serve as Chief development agent to plan, identify, cultivate, solicit and secure funding resources to help the school fulfill its mission and strategic objectives
  • Monitor, report and evaluate resource and fund development outcomes


  • Cultivate and maintain effective constructive communication with the Principal, core team and staff
  • Oversee effective marketing, communication and outreach through web, print, and social media to maintain and increase the school’s visible image
  • Communicate achievements, progress and milestones to the school community
  • Oversee all internal school communication to foster an atmosphere of team building and inclusiveness