March Update

Educating and Empowering Grade 11 and Grade 12 for Teachers’ Pool

5 students of Grade 12 from Shree Bhawani Vidyapeeth Secondary School (10+2, Education Stream) agreed to be in Teachers Pool

Website of Shree Bhawani Vidhyapeeth Secondary School launched

MM Group of Industries sponsored websites along with pro bono support from buildNepal Technology

Parents – School Meets

50 parents, neighborhood school teachers, School Management Committee members and Team of Active Edupreneurs (TAE) had a meeting in order to discuss the overall program.

Parents, School Management Committee, Teachers and TAE agreed to start session from Baisakh 2074 (April, 2017) with 100 new enrollments in the Pre-school unit.

Formation of Teachers Quality Circle (TQC)

7 existing primary teachers have formed informal TQC to meet every week

First Teachers Quality Circle formed in Public School of Nepal. TQC in Shree Bhawani Vidhyapeeth Secondary School to officially kick off from May, 2017

Social impact framework finalized

TAE team along with School Management Committee discussed about Social impact model

Finalization and ownership of Social impact framework

Initial assessment of Sustainability framework

by parents, school management committee, teachers and TAE

Finalization of sustainability ranking framework

Finalization of Painter and Artist along with quantity of Paints required

Exposure visit of Artist to Mother Castle School in Kathmandu Fund raising for painting started

Formation of Informal Cluster of 7 schools in Parbat district for quality enhancement initiative in mainstream education

Shree Bhawani Vidhyapeeth Secondary School as a hub for QEdLab in Parbat Districts in technical collaboration with ECEC and DoE

Furniture work completed and is being transported to School

Ergonomic furniture designed and made in Kathmandu and is planned to be transported to School within March.