Funding Package E: Furniture of School

Low Height table for Playgroup PLUS4’X14”X12”- (1 room 2 Pcs)4 pc400016000
Desk and Bench4’X24”X12”30 pc5600168000
Book and rack3’X4”X12”7 pc900063000
White Board (small)3X4”2 pc36007200
White Board (Large)4’X5’5 pc700035000
Magazine rack3’X4’X12’7 pc800056000
Notice Board3’X4”7 pc360025200
Shoes rack30’X3’X8’2 pc500010000
Teacher’s Table2’X3’X30’7 pc400028000
Teacher’s Chair7 pc350024500
Learning corner7 pc350024500
Total 457400