Shree Bhawani Bidhya Peeth At a Glance


This school was initiated by Late. Bhawani Prashad Lamsal

Historically speaking, the school started as Saraswoti Bhasha Pathshalla, at the Rana Regime which later on
developed into the present day High School by 1953 A.D. As per the prevailing School Act and Regulations, the
school was transformed in to a complete high school system, comprising all School levels such as Primary
level, Lower Secondary Level, Secondary Level and High Secondary level in subsequent years.

Proudly speaking, BVSS is the first school in Parbat District of its kind to continue its service during its glorious
history spanning all the way from 1940 A.D. The school boasts of its highly academic alumni, most of them
serving the nation from very high profile positions. Statistically speaking, more than 3500 of its ex-students
have passed School Leaving Certificate (SLC) from this school and hundreds of them have built their successful
careers around the world.
The school has brought tremendous changes in the community, not only in terms of education, but also in
awareness, dignity, and social pride. It has shaped up the whole community in terms of physical development
and academic and professional upliftment. It has identified the whole Phalebas area with the dignity of Center
of Excellence in education and overall development.