In pursuit of Excellence For Education (E4E)

A systematic approach for quality based educational innovation devised by Team of Active Edupreneurs [TAE] for the purpose of quality enhancement in public education to be implemented at Shree Bhavani Vidyapeeth Secondary [Public]School of Parbat, Phalebas, Nepal

Bhawani Vidhya Peeth At A Glance

History of Bhawani Vidhya Peeth


Shree Bhawani Vidhya Peeth was started as Saraswoti Bhasha Pathshalla, at the Rana Regime which later on developed into the present day High School by 1953 A.D. As per the prevailing School Act and Regulations, the school was transformed in to a complete high school system


Bricks Of Change

Many Individuals and organizations has already contributed for our approach along with Individuals and organizations willing to be the part of change

Donate Us

The contribution for the project can be done as:

  • Full contribution for Individual packages (Packages A to Package H)
  • Part contribution in each packages ranging from USD 100 to USD 10,000.
  • Open contribution: USD 100 to USD 10,000